Chevron Sugar Baby

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Featuring our Woven Chevron Bands, a must-have in any watch band collector's arsenal. Flash those striking accents of interwoven accents. Extremely comfortable with a tactile braided design, loop on these bands with no fiddly buckles or clasp systems, the unique stretchable design conforms to the size of your wrist. The dense polyester yarn filaments in each strap houses an advanced silicone thread, finished with precision machinery to ensure fit-for-purpose functionality. This unique construction is soft, comfortable, quick-drying, and is highly sweat and water-resistant.


Series 7 comes in sizes 41mm and 45mm

Series 4, 5, 6, SE comes in sizes 40mm and 44mm

Series 1, 2, 3 comes in sizes 38mm and 42mm

Please ensure that you measure your wrist accurately prior to placing your order

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